Can GrooveFunnels Replace Your Website

I’ve seen the question raised several times when discussing groovefunnels with people as to whether or not it could be used to replace a traditional website.

And this video provides the best answer I can give them..

It really depends on your marketing objectives. groovefunnels performs a certain function and it does it quite well.

Traditional websites also perform certain function.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages but the key point is that you must be completely cognizant of what your marketing objectives are before deciding one way or the other.

If your goal is to generate leads and convert to sales, one will do better than the other.

If your goal is to build brand authority, have a central hub for content, and built trust over time then the other option will perform better.

Which is which, watch the video to find out!

And while I have you, if you’re interested in marketing groovefunnels as an affiliate (quite a good program actually) you can grab a copy of the free funnel I use to do this here:

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