Clickfunnels Alternative -100% FREE Funnel Builder

The #1 alternative to ClickFunnels is now completely FREE! Save $3,564 per year vs. click funnels pricing.

For a more detailed explanation, here’s the blog post –

Here are links to the mentioned resources from this video.

1- The free landing page builder –

2- How to setup your landing page, step by step tutorial –

3- Free sales page builder, shopping cart and course delivery system –

4- Free masterclass trainings –

With these two tools above you will have everything you need to replace click funnels with a free alternative.

The trainings in #4 above will help you to build a high converting funnel so you can maximize your return on the time invested in building your funnel.

If you need a more robust clickfunnels alternative that offers all of the features like split testing, bump offers and upsells, then you want my “DIY Sales Funnel” video series here –

For examples of great landing pages go here –

As you start to grow your email list, you’ll need to understand how to effectively do email marketing whch is taught in these videos –

As you move farther into your funnel, it is now time to build out your courses and sell them!

This is where the rubber meets the road in your business.

First, you need to plan out your courses and I share a framework for creating courses that sell in this video:

Then you have to map out all of your modules and lessons for your course which is covered in this video that reveals my course creation template –

Here is my 5 part copywriting training so you can create a sales funnel that converts customers –

Honestly, right here in this video and the links above, you have everything you’d need to grow a super successful business online.

Whether you decide to promote your funnel with paid ads, facebook ads or with organic traffic from YouTube or your blog, it doesn’t matter.

The key is to understand you don’t have to pay for ClickFunnels in order to achieve success online. You can use their cheaper competition instead and get the same result!

You may very well be one funnel away, but you shouldn’t have to pay their overpriced cost of $297/mo or even $97/mo for that sales funnel software when you are just starting.

This substitute is the perfect way to get going today for free so you can start to make real progress towards your goals instead of funding someone else’s dream through overpriced tools and their affiliates.

If you have questions, you can chat at me in the comments below.


-Miles “Funnel Hacker” Beckler

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