How I Use Groovefunnels In My Agency (Digital Marketing, or Any!)


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There’s 5 main ways I use groovefunnels in my Agency:

Main Website
Online Courses
Lead Gen Funnels
Shared Funnels

Each one has played a vital role in helping me grow my agency.

And they’re all made possible in one location using groovefunnels.

I love using groovefunnels for my main website because of how easy it is to make, but also because it connects to all of my sales funnels.

Most websites suck and don’t do anything to generate leads for your business. But if you have it set up right, then it can. I generate quite a few leads from my website using the format in the video.

Next are online courses. groovefunnels provides a very easy to make membership site that you can sell access to in the form of an online course.

This has added additional revenue for my agency because I can charge a little less than what it would cost to hire me. This allows me to help more people and close deals that I would have otherwise lost.

Lead Gen Funnels are another incredibly powerful strategy using groovefunnels.

My particularly favorite one, explained in the video, is using the groovefunnels survey template to pre-qualify leads and then redirecting them to an appointment page once they’ve submitted the pop-up.

Next is content. I’ve have some good success generating leads using the blog post style pages to deliver content.

This is because I can control what’s on the page and add different kinds of calls to actions to get people to take the next step I want them to.

This also has the added benefit of increasing the quality of your leads because the person consumed your content first.

And finally, the share funnel option.

groovefunnels makes it very easy for me to share the funnels I have with clients, which significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to get campaigns launched.

It also provides an affiliate opportunity, like in this video, to give away something extremely valuable for free, in exchange for going through your affiliate link.

How this helps and I hope groovefunnels will help with your business as much as it has with mine!

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