How To Generate Real Estate Leads Using Groovefunnels

Groovefunnels for Real Estate
Here is the Share funnel I have shown in the example:

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1. 3 high converting buyer real estate funnels
2. 1 high converting seller real estate funnel
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4. 1 facebook ad setup for seller funnel
5. 1 facebook ad setup for open house
6. 1 mortgage funnel plus facebook ad setup
7. 1 car dealer funnel plus facebook ad setup
8. groovefunnels training course
9. Chiropractor Discount Funnel
10. Chiropractor Migraine and Headache Funnel
11. Chiropractor Lower Back Pain (Pregnancy) Funnel
12. Chiropractor Lower Back Pain (Athletes) Funnels
13. Chiropractor Knee Pain (Athletes) Funnel
14. Chiropractor Knee Pain (Seniors) Funnel
15. Chiropractor Lower Back Pain (Seniors) Funnel
16. This quiz funnel

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This is a high-converting sales funnel for realtors to generate real estate leads. The funnel has 3 steps and attempts to capture email addresses up front, and then move on to segmenting customers. etc.

The lead generation funnel is built in a program called groovefunnels. It is a program that is designed to help quickly create lead generation funnels and websites. It took me about 2 hours to create this sales funnel.

You can click the link above and it will drop the exact funnel I am using into your groovefunnels account. If you do not have a groovefunnels account, you should sign up for one.

If you do sign up for one, let me know and I will drop you my groovefunnels course for free.

This funnel generates hundreds of leads every month for multiple realtors. It was created and tested from watching other realtors run their lead generation funnels.

It may need to be tweaked for your specific needs, but that is incredibly easy in groovefunnels.

Reach out to me if you want a special training in groovefunnels, want me to set up your groovefunnels account, or want me to create the funnel for you.

This is the best way, when combined with Facebook ads, to consistently drive solid, targeted leads to your real estate business.

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