when was groovefunnels founded

Did you just recently join GrooveFunnels?

In this video we will go over everything you need to know to start using this suite of apps to the fullest.

0:00 – INTRO
8:44 – What is GrooveFunnels?
11:40 – The Tools in GrooveFunnels
20:50 – What can I do with it?
22:49 – Where can I learn how to use it?
25:35 – Groove Training Videos and Schedule
30:07 – GrooveDigital Academy
31:24 – Where can I search for answers myself?
35:24 – Where do I ask for support?
37:23 – I want to see what other users created, where can I do that?
40:40 – What is GroovePages?
44:36 – What is GrooveSell?
49:07 – What is GrooveAffiliate?
52:45 – What is GrooveVideo?
56:03 – What is GrooveMember?
1:01:45 – What is GrooveMail? (Coming Soon)
1:03:29 – What is GrooveKart?
1:05:53 – Where do I see a roadmap?
1:09:45 – I found some bugs, what should I do?
1:12:17 – Where can I see the upcoming features?
1:12:51 – Q&A Time
1:13:28 – Is there a video on how to import WordPress sites?
1:14:32 – How can I create automatic affiliates when people sign-up?
1:15:45 – Will students have the ability to download a certificate when they have completed a course or attained a certain grade?
1:16:06 – When will the update for GrooveMember be out?
1:16:38 – Can I have different language settings on 2 different Groove sites?
1:19:00 – Can I integrate more than one domain as separate websites for my memberships and courses in Groove?
1:19:41 – Can I use it in a network marketing business as online?
1:19:54 – Can a landing page be shared with our clients with the import feature if I put the code on my website?
1:21:11 – What do you think should be the very first thing for them to learn in order to be successful?
1:27:30 – How to import a ClickFunnels landing page or website?
1:28:28 – Can physical products be added to the Marketplace or is it only digital products?
1:30:19 – How to put multiple customers for GrooveKart where their information can be retained?
1:31:47 – If I have items in the marketplace I also wanted to have available for affiliates, is that linked?
1:34:21 – Does GrooveSell/GrooveKart offer automatic tax calculations?
1:35:45 – In GroovePages, how do I link an external file?
1:37:02 – Is there a way to make a price tax inclusive?
1:37:33 – Do I need to make a product first before using GrooveAffiliate?
1:38:10 – What is the link for GrooveKart request?
1:39:33 – OUTRO

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